When we develop lectures, workshops or courses on various issues, we base our thoughts on the following questions: How do you move and inspire participants and leave your audience in awe? How do you share your idea, your message, your vision?

Just a small selection of the possible topics: ‘T.E.A.M.=Together Everyone Achieves More’, ’A Complaint is a Gift’, ‘Dreaming, Thinking & Doing’.

At your request we tailor make the presentation, workshop or course to your needs and your target audience.


St. Anna Advies has extensive experience in consultancy in the following fields:

  • Issue & Crisis communication
  • Strategy Development
  • Press communication, press relations and strategy
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Personal advice & coaching
  • Change processes and team building

Besides these areas of expertise, there are many more possibilities. St. Anna Advies is committed to meet your specific requirements. For more information and the best possible advice you can contact us directly.